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Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry


Museum-quality Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry blends the mystique and romance of the ancient world, a unique beauty shaped by the forces of nature, and skilled modern craftsmanship. The result is a wearable piece of history that, with proper care, will be treasured for generations to come.

Almost 2000 years ago, the Roman Empire was the birthplace of new glass-blowing techniques used to create items like plates, vases, bowls and jars. Roman glass tradesmen brought these glass-blowing skills to the Holy Land at the time of the Roman Occupation. Today, this ancient glass is being recovered in archaeological sites in Israel, which was a major center for glass production during ancient times.

Because Roman Glass jewelry is made of fragments of these ancient hand-blown glass objects, each piece varies in shape, thickness and color. Every piece of Roman Glass jewelry is one-of-a-kind.

As each glass piece is shaped and set by hand, as in ancient times, there can be slight differences in the settings of each piece.

If the glass was found laying in the soil, it will have formed a thin natural layer called the “patina.” This oxidation process in mineral-rich soil is how Ancient Roman Glass jewelry gets its beautiful and complex shades of blue, green, pink and purple--formed over the course of centuries.  

If the glass was held above the ground, stored in pockets of earth within old buildings, the patina did not develop, but the glass aged into a lovely clear green color that is complimentary to any complexion.

Skilled artisans carefully choose the glass fragments, clean them to reveal their colorful natural patina, cut and shape the glass, and mount the glass to make a finished piece of top-quality jewelry. Designers craft jewelry that calls to mind the ancient past, in a wide variety of modern styles, as well as copies of ancient designs.

Like other fine jewels, ancient Roman Glass should be treated with care to preserve its natural beauty. Avoid exposing your Roman Glass jewelry to chemicals and don’t immerse it in water. If exposed to water, the color of the patina may be altered temporarily; please wait for the glass to dry.

Pieces with inlaid Roman Glass can easily be cleaned with reliable silver jewelry cleansers.

Each piece of Ancient Roman Glass jewelry has a certificate of authenticity signed by the manufacturer.

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Oxidized Sterling Ring, Ancient Roman Glass, 14K Rose Gold Plated Spin Bands, Sizes 6-9

Oxidized Sterling Ring, Ancient Roman Glass, 14K Rose Gold Plated Spin Bands, Sizes 6-9

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